Project NPV Home Page

Net Present Value (NPV) is a robust method for the financial modelling of projects in which costs and benefits can be estimated in cash or cash-equivalent terms.

This web site is a companion to the book Net Present Value and Risk Modelling for Projects (Routledge 2016). It allows users to:

  • download the NPV models and NPV Risk models used by the book.
  • learn about some of key issues associated with NPV and NPV Risk modelling.
  • follow links from where trial versions of two risk simulation tools (@RISK for Excel and ModelRisk) can be downloaded.

The site also provides introductory guidance to project professionals developing and using NPV models and their results. To this end, you can select the tabs above or links below to find notes on:

  • the NPV method (including its pros and cons and the selection and use of discount rates).
  • NPV Models (how to build NPV models and what to take into account).
  • NPV Risk Models (how to model the effects of project-specific risk and how to interpret the results).
  • Modelling practice (good practices when developing models).